A Promise DCMA Breaks Over and Over

Charlie E. Williams, Jr., Director, Defense Contract Management Agency

Charlie E. Williams, Jr., Director, Defense Contract Management Agency

We´ve all seen the official photos of the employees of the Federal Government, posing in front of the US flag. But have you ever wondered why the photo is taken with the employee standing in front of the flag, and not, say on the side, or behind the flag?

I did a little digging. This, it turns out, is a tradition that has been around since the middle ages and you see that in paintings before the advent of photography. The idea is simple. The person standing in front of the flag symbolically promises (or swears) to defend the values of the flag with no less that his or her life.

Which is why is I was confused when I saw the official photo of the DCMA executive director, Mr. Charlie Williams. Of course those of you who´ve been following this blog do know that we have given Mr. Williams, and several more DCMA employees, every possible chance to fix an error ACO Craig Studley made. ACO Studley´s refusal to correct his error, as we have reported here, has all but destroyed our small company. As we have learned, and reported here, it wasn´t just Mr. Studley who flipped the bird at FAR as well as a key ASBCA ruling – he, along with several other DCMA employees, including one of their attorneys, Srikanti ´Sri´ Schaffner, have continually refused to correct what should-have-been a simple ¨oops, sorry about that!¨ kind of a fix. Instead, as I have documented here, DCMA employees either completely ignored the issue, or as in the case of Mr. Williams himself, appears to me to have deliberately chosen evasion and deception.

Which is what confuses me when I see a DCMA employee´s official photo with the United States flag; what values, I wonder, they may think that flag represents if not honor, truth, and fairnsess, none of which has been applied to our situation by the DCMA staff. Sadly including Mr. Williams himself. 

This, of course, is the opinion of a man whose small business is being destroyed by what is, in my experience, the ¨won´t-impact-my-life-or-salary-or-pension¨ DCMA employee mentality. You should of course make up your own mind by reading some of the posts here but, please, do drop me a note if the photo of Mr. Williams in from of the US flag begins to confuse you too.

People in this post:
Bob Dourandish – bob@quimba.com
Craig Studley – Craig.Studley@dcma.mil
Srikanti Schaffner, Esq. – Srikanti.Schaffner@dcma.mil
Charlie Williams (Director, Defense Contract Management Agency) – No email on file.

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