Quimba Files Complaint with the Justice Inspector General

In this post on August 1, 2012, we reported that the Government had responded to our Court of Federal Claims (COFC) complaint. We further expressed our astonishment that the Justice attorney asked the court to validate the erroneous debt, levied on Quimba by DCMA’s Craig Studley, despite admitting in the response that ACO Studley had, indeed, made an error.

After months of being patient with the Justice attorney and hoping that he would do the right thing, I finally got frustrated enough to file a complaint with the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office. In that filing, I allege that the Justice attorney, P. Davis Oliver, is intentionally dragging his feet and making unreasonable settlement offers to, for all intents and purposes, extort an unfair settlement and help DCMA staff sweep their gross incompetence and negligence under the carpet. We fruther asserted that attorney Oliver was violating specific Professional Rules of Conduct because, despite full knowledge of his client’s error, and thus the flaw in his case, he was attempting to move the case forward.

The entire complaint, as it was filed with the Justice Inspector General is posted here. I will of course report back if anything happens as the result. Somehow, I am not sure it will though. In this post, we asked if Justice is an innocent bystander in DCMA’s abuse of Quimba or an enthusiastic participant. Sadly, based on Mr. Oliver’s tactics, I think we have our answer.

This just keeps getting better and better!

People in this post:
Bob Dourandish – bob@quimba.com
Craig Studley – Craig.Studley@dcma.mil
P. Davis Oliver, Esq. (DOJ Attorney) – P.Davis.Oliver@usdoj.gov

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