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Another Year of Living with ACO Craig Studley and Attorney P. Davis Oliver!

We got the Scheduling Order yesterday. It sets out a preliminary timeline for the discovery process that stretches to at least April of 2014, before we know if we have a chance to potentially tell our story to a judge. This, the discovery process, is when we get to go back and ask ACO Studley to please provide proof that the Government paid Quimba $155,271.77, as he claimed in the COFD that started this whole mess. While at it, we’ll probably also ask him to detail just how much effort (read: Taxpayer’s Money) it took for him to produce this lovely mistake.

I’ll be honest with you. This is going to be an expensive process but, frankly, given that DCMA has declared war against small business contractors, it would be worthwhile to force these, uh, people (for lack of a better word!) to publicly acknowledge how, judging by the results, they apparently approach their taxpayer-funded jobs in a willy-nilly, who-cares-cuz-suing-us-is-expensive approach.

I mean, seriously… There was ONLY one payment on this contract in 2004 and the good ACO Studley got it wrong. How competent of an ACO does he expect we should think he is? Then he outright refused to correct his error. How fair-minded of an ACO does he expect we should think he is?

Of course the question of where ACO Studley’s supervisors were while he embarked on destroying a small business, is entirely another interesting topic that we fully intend to explore in our Tort claims against both DCMA and ACO Studley.

We may also get a chance to explore why the DOJ attorney, Mr. P. Davis Oliver, admitted in his response to our Complaint that the Government did make a mistake but, nonetheless, asked the Judge to validate the erroneous debt, as reported in this post. Further, I don’t mind sharing my own personal opinion that if anyone is defecating on the US flag by ignoring the values the Ol’ Glory stands for, it is Attorney Oliver who, as an attorney for the Department of Justice, should not try to “win at any cost or by any means.”In other words, since he knows (he wrote the response to our Complaint) that the ACO made a mistake, I feel attorney Oliver had a duty to rescind the debt. I promise you that, rules of professional conduct aside, 99% of taxpayers would want the Justice department to be the JUSTICE department and not behave like the LITIGATION branch of some multinational law firm that represents Colombian Drug Lords.

The Scheduling Order is here and, for convenience, ACO Studley’s COFD is here.

People in this post:
Bob Dourandish – bob@quimba.com
Craig Studley – ACO, DCMA – Craig.Studley@dcma.mil
P. Davis Oliver, Esq. (DOJ Attorney) – P.Davis.Oliver@usdoj.gov

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