Quimba Files SBA Complaint Against the Department of Justice

As you know, neither the Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney Paul ‘P.’ Davis Oliver, or the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) attorney Srikanti ‘Sri’ Schaffner has moved to rescind the erroneous debt levied on Quimba by ACO Craig M. Studley. As I reported here, the DOJ Attorney admitted in a legal document that Quimba DOES NOT owe the debt that DCMA’s Craig Studley levied on Quimba.

As you also know, we have attempted to reach anyone in DCMA who gave a f**k. But could not find a single person in DCMA who was willing to act honorably and stand up to the values of fairness and integrity they supposedly represent. This, sadly, included the entire relevant chain of command in our cognizant DCMA office: ACO Michael Hurrell, Supervisor Raymond Yoshids, ACO Delaine Alvarez, Director Mary May, and the DCMA executive director, Charlie Williams Jr.

Further, as I have reported in a number of posts in this blog, despite many attempts including showing up in person, we have failed to reach an appropriate person in the Department of Justice to help us either. So after writing Attorney General Holder (and getting no response), and filing two DOJ Inspector General complaints, we finally gave up on any help from DOJ as well.

All this left us with only one option – to file a complaint with the Small Business Administration. We are hoping that they can compel the DOJ to rescind the debt so we can get on with business while this case is snail-winding its way through the system.

The entire complaint, as filed with the SBA, is here.

People in this post:
Bob Dourandish – bob@quimba.com
Craig Studley – Craig.Studley@dcma.mil
Raymond T. Yoshida – Supervisor, DCMA – Raymond.Yoshida@dcma.mil
P. Davis Oliver, Esq. (DOJ Attorney) – P.Davis.Oliver@usdoj.gov
Michael Hurrell (ACO) – Michael.Hurrell@dcma.mil
Delaine Alvarez (ACO) – Delaine.Alvarez@dcma.mi
Srikanti Schaffner, Esq. – Srikanti.Schaffner@dcma.mil
Mary May (Director, DCMA Northern California Branch Office) – No email on file.
Charlie Williams Jr. (Director, Defense Contract Management Agency) – No email on file.

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